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In sight of mental health - developing awareness and understanding. 

In sight of mental health - developing awareness and understanding. 

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on every aspect of our lives, with particular implications for healthcare in general, and for the pharmacy in particular. In our 2021 webinar series, our goals are to continue to provide ongoing business support and valuable industry insight to guide our customers in maximizing their businesses following the challenges and impact of the Covid19. In doing so, we welcome some of the industry’s top guest speakers to share their insight into pharmacy trends, business growth areas and innovations. 

On April 13th, we welcomed Stephen McBride , Director of Services for Aware to discuss awareness and understanding of mental health. Stephen is a chartered counselling Psychologist and Group Psychotherapist accredited with these relevant professional bodies. He has a breadth of experience operationally leading teams and working as a Psychotherapist in the Health Service and Charity Sector. He is passionate about the development and delivery of excellent support, education and information services for people experiencing depression, bipolar disorder and other mood related conditions. Stephen holds a MSc Counselling Psychology and MSc Group Analytic Psychotherapy.

Aware undertakes to create a society where people affected by stress, depression, bipolar disorder and mood related conditions are understood, supported, free from stigma, and are encouraged to access appropriate therapies.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

1) Greater insight into mental health, specifically anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

2) Developed understanding of mental health conditions and how they manifest.

3) Attending to our own mental health, enhancing our own psychological toolkit.

If you would like to learn more about this webinar or wish to view the recording, please contact their event organiser;

Lucia Onofri, Brand and Trade Marketing Manager