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Leading Pre-Wholesale Services in Ireland.

Managing outsourced activities on behalf of over 68 of the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers, our core focus is in the areas of storage, order processing, distribution, commercial support and we also offer a range of bespoke value added services.

Highly Experienced Team

Maintaining and developing a strong team of people who delight in being part of a growing, ambitious business and in providing excellence is the key to our continued success.

Progressive & Innovative

Our innovative culture means we are continuously developing new services that result in new revenue streams making them even more attractive to potential Principals and retaining our competitive edge.

Backed by Size & Scale

Furthermore our strong European presence through PHOENIX group provides access and knowledge to market leading activities outside the Irish market.

Delivering Supply Chain Excellence

Providing high-class healthcare logistics solutions and expertise to all partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain is the backbone of United Drug Distribution.

Our mission is to manage prescribed activities for healthcare manufacturers through appropriate and innovative value-added solutions that contribute to the mutual success of our businesses.

We have a motto in our company that reminds us of our vision every day when we come to work:

“It’s not just a package, it’s a patient.”

United, We Are Best in Class for Quality & Reliability.