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Webinar | Unlock the power of property in your pension!

May 24th 2022 | 7pm

Welcome back to another United Drug webinar where we aim to continue to provide ongoing business support and valuable industry insight to guide our customers in maximising their business opportunities. This month we are joined by Richard Collins, CEO of Walfrid Private to discuss the potential in retiring early and making the most out of your pension. 

Unlock the power of property in your pension!

Does tax-free income and capital growth interest you? How about coupling that with long term, government backed leases providing income for decades to come? Avoid the volatility of the stock market and invest in property through your pension.

Topics of Discussion

  • Zero Tax Property
  • Structuring your business for financial tax efficiency
  • Scaling your business for sale
  • Extract €750,000 tax-free from your business
  • Pay only 10% tax on your enterprise value - claim up to €1 million at 10%
  • Create financial independence to retire early

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to invest in property through your pension
  • Learn how to avail of various tax reliefs as a business owner
  • Learn how to retire earlier than ever thought possible
  • Receive a blueprint on how this is achievable
  • Learn your ‘number’ – the age you can afford to retire at without having to worry about not having enough. Don’t let your age dictate when you retire let your income flow do that!

Richard Collins

CEO of Walfrid Private

Richard Collins has worked in the Financial Services, Accounting and Wealth Management industries since 1998 with a focus on asset acquisition across the Globe from Europe, the Middle East and America. As CEO and Founder of Walfrid Private, he has disrupted the traditional investment philosophy. Through the adoption of technology, he has developed a modern approach for modern times. He passionately believes in acquiring assets for life in two efficient structures. Passive income over earned income is the true wealth

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