People - United Drug Supply Chain Services


Here at United Drug we are committed to creating a high performance culture, where our people are encouraged to professionally develop in line with our core corporate values of Quality, Expertise, Ingenuity, Partnership and Energy.

We also seek to maintain a diverse workforce in which the expertise and energy contributed by all strengthens our position as market leader in our field.



Sharon Moyles has the dual role of RP for Ballina and as customer service manager, Sharon provides guidance and leadership to the customer service team providing a Quality service to our customers.


Mary Magner (Category Manager) displays the value of Partnership every day in conjunction with our retail customers within the United Drug Wholesale ROI business unit through the provision of a suite of retail customer centric business solutions from category management, space utilisation to our digital pharmacy offering. 

 Ronelle Wyngaard 

Ronelle Wyngaard is Head of Customer Care Services for UDW and UDC and displays the value of Ingenuity every day when providing solutions for our Customers, Suppliers and Principals through being resourceful, innovative thinking and utilizing technology to enhance the customer experience. 

 Natalie Meinert 

Natalie Meinert demonstrates expertise through her skills and attitude to her work. Her in-depth experience in managing people and a high performing Customer Care Centre has been invaluable shaping our Customer Care team. Although she is new the team, her knowledge of driving process efficiencies, coupled with her capable and adaptable attitude make her a valuable asset to the team and company. She has gained the trust and respect of her peers and team, and is known for being professional, reliable and amenable.

 Michael Taylor 

Michael Taylor shows boundless Energy and enthusiasm in every aspect of his job as Head of Sales and Retail Solutions for United Drug. He tackles all projects head on with imagination and a desire to meet customer’s requirements. He is well respected by stakeholders both within the company and the general business community.