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Gender Pay Gap for United Drug and LloydsPharmacy Ireland.

In 2022, for the first time in the Republic of Ireland, organisations employing more than 250 people are required to publish information on the gender pay gap under The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 (the “Act”). The Gender Pay Gap calculates the percentage difference between the average hourly earnings of males and females irrespective of their role. The Gender Pay Gap is not the same as equal pay. Employment Equality legislation provides for equal pay for like work. LloydsPharmacy, Median Healthcare Services, TCP Homecare, McKesson Ireland and United Drug are covered in the opening McKesson Ireland figures and a separate report for United Drug and LloydsPharmacyfollows. TCP and Median are under the 250-employee threshold and therefore there is no requirement for a separate report on these two entities. All persons employed by McKesson Ireland, a PHOENIX company, on the snapshot date, including employees not rostered to work on that date are included in the report. Organisations were asked to select a snapshot date in the month of June; reporting on the 12 month period immediately preceding and including the snapshot date. This report represents data at snapshot date 30th June 2022.

All queries should be directed to Hillary Collins HR Director McKesson Ireland.