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McKesson Europe is currently emitting 100,000 + tons of carbon dioxide every year by delivering meds to the pharmacies with our fleets, electricity for our pharmacies and warehouses, heating and cooling our buildings and traveling for business reasons.

As part of McKesson Europe, United Drug’s approach to reducing its emissions by 2030 is by following the general management approach: Avoid. Replace. Compensate.

As part of McKesson Europe we are replacing our existing energy sources with sustainable, more environmentally friendly alternatives. The focus here is on a sole use of electricity from renewable energy sources.

United Drug make the switch to renewable gas to power a more sustainable future

United Drug has made the switch to a Renewable Gas, Biomethane as part of our efforts to become carbon Neutral by 2030.

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United Drug Go Green | Installation of EV Charging Points

As part of our efforts to become carbon Neutral by 2030, United Drug has installed 6 electric car chargers at our sites in Citywest, and Baldonell.

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United Drug partners with Energia to provide 100% green electricity

In ongoing efforts to meet the 2030 carbon neutral goal, United Drug has signed up Energia to supply our sites with 100% renewable energy for the next two years.

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Making the switch to smart and sustainable business cards.

As of July, we are delighted to announce that we have made the switch from printing business cards to using the new Lunar Smart Card. Using NFC Technology, our new smart card can trigger our business details and contact information when tapped against a smartphone.

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