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Leading the Way For Future Healthcare in Ireland

At United Drug, we are committed to the ongoing investment in our facilities and innovation in services to ensure we provide medicines in a safe and accessible manner.

Our relentless focus on operational excellence and efficiency aids our provision of best in class support and service for our customers.

We continue to invest for the future and it is our breadth of Pharmaceutical products and services, accurate and timely delivery, flexibility, packaging options and reliability that are just a few of the reasons customers, suppliers and manufacturers partner with us for their pharmaceutical distribution needs.

United, We Strive for Operational Excellence

We are striving for the highest standards in supply chain security and quality combined with excellent processes. We operate validated and certified processes ensured through continuous training of our staff.

Industry Leading Quality Standards and Processes

We ensure high end quality standards and high end processes with fully compliant storage, handling and delivery of temperature sensitive, critical and controlled products

Purpose Built Warehouse & Distribution Facility

Our purpose built Warehouse & Distribution facility utilises the latest logistics, technology and practices to ensure we deliver a best in class fulfilment service for our customers and partners.

We have invested €40million in state-of-the-art automation in our Warehouse at Magna Park.

In 2020 we added an additional warehouse facility in Baldonnell consisting of a 118,882 sq ft purpose-built temperature-controlled logistics and warehousing building.

15,000km, or Dublin to Perth, Australia – that’s the combined distance that our totes travel before they even leave the warehouse!

Temperature Controlled Refrigeration

In 2020, we significantly increased our fridge capacity at Magna Park to facilitate the storage and distribution of vaccines and specialty products. These facilities aid our sourcing, managing, storing and distribution of high tech, biological, bio similar medicines, and vaccinations such as the flu and Covid19 to name a few which are all stocked and available from United Drug.

Having exceeded capacity in our old fridge facilities due to strong growth in the number of vaccinations, we invested in a brand new best in class refrigeration system - one of its kind in Ireland.

These fridges combined are slightly larger than an Olympic swimming pool (6 metres high, 60m length x 20 metres deep) and facilitate temperature controls of 2-8 degrees.

Our storage has now more than doubled in size and the team at United Drug are delighted to be able to continue to provide this unparalleled storage and distribution service that they are so well known for.

High Class Healthcare Logistics

We are continuously investing and enhancing our healthcare logistics solutions and expertise to ensure all partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain receive best in class service, every time.

With over 100 vans on the road daily, we deliver over 18,000 totes per day between our 3 depots.

Our morning order cut off time is 11.30 with deliveries on the road for 12.00 - that's a 30 minute turnaround!

Deliver to all pharmacies in Ireland, up to 11 deliveries a week and facilitate emergency service for hospitals 365 24/7

Digital 24/7 Access

At United Drug, we are continuously investing in digital innovation to enhance our customer's online experience and increase speed and efficiency to access product information and ordering where possible.

In 2020, we invested in our brand new eCommerce order platform for United Drug Consumer B2B.

We have ongoing enhancements to ordering platform which has great enhanced user experience but has also seen the addition of new online services like returns and automated invoicing.

In 2019, we introduced Pharmax (Compliance based Buying Group) and Arc (Claims management tool) to UDW offering, increasing margin for customer with premium pricing and saving them time by offering the best available broker deal instantly.