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High Pollen Days Are Here | Allergy Insights

High Pollen Days Are Here | Allergy Insights

In Ireland, Hay fever Season generally runs from March and can last up until October! The main Hay fever symptoms are headaches, itchy eyes or skin, runny noses and sore throats. According to a survey carried out by the Asthma Society of Ireland, 76% of people surveyed about the effects of hay fever season, said it limits their daily lives. Pharmacists play a key role in supporting patients to help ease their symptoms.

The United Drug Insights team analysed Antihistamine tablets, Eye Drops, Nasal Sprays and the Natural Category to determine the most popular products in our market. For the first half of 2024, overall, selected allergy products saw an 8% decline compared to the first half of 2023.

The main drivers for this decline are the Eye and Oral categories.

Selected products in the eye category are seeing a year-on-year decline which also saw sales lower compared to the start of 2022.

Of eight products revised within the Oral category, only two saw a year-on-year increase. Two allergy specific tablets accounted for half of the overall decline in the Oral category, however, they were still the second highest seller within the Oral category.

Although Nasal Sprays as a category is down in 2024 vs 2022, and only slightly up for 2024 vs 2023. Four of the five products reviewed in the category saw a steady decline year-on-year.

One specific nasal spray was the only product in this category to increase year-on-year & increased by 895%.

Two products within the Natural category increased year-on-year, with fusion products also increasing by over 30% year on.

Your expertise as a pharmacist is crucial in helping patients navigate the challenges of hay fever season. Stay informed with the latest industry insights to better support your patients.