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Making the switch to smart and sustainable business cards.

Making the switch to smart and sustainable business cards.

As part of McKesson Europe, United Drug’s approach to reducing its emissions by 2030 is focused on replacing our existing energy sources with sustainable and more environmentally friendly alternatives.  With that in mind, we also continue to make incremental changes where possible and explore additional ways that we can reduce our environmental footprint.   

As of July, we are delighted to announce that we have made the switch from printing business cards to using the new Lunar Smart Card. Using NFC Technology, our new smart card can trigger our business details and contact information when tapped against a smartphone. Perfect for our colleagues who are out on the road, at conferences or meeting new customers.

These Smart Business Cards have helped us to stop the need for printing paper business cards. So, not only reducing our carbon footprint but also a reduction in printing costs.

In addition, For Every Card Purchased, a tree is planted!