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Insights for Allergy Season

Insights for Allergy Season

In the Spring edition of our Pharma Le Chéile brochure, our insights focused on antihistamines and allergy season.

Overall, the market growth for antihistamines is up 19% in 2021 versus 2020.

Generic lines drove this increase, with 34% growth in the generic space over 2021. This was compared with 4% growth for non-generic lines.

The market for antihistamines can generally be broken into OTC lines and Prescription Rx lines. OTC lines make up 67% of the market, whereas Rx accounts for the remaining 33%. This has remained stable over 2021.

OTC lines saw faster growth in 2021, with a 25% jump in sales year on year in comparison to a 5% change in sales for Rx antihistamine lines.

There was double digit growth in antihistamines across all types of pharmacies. Independent, non-chain pharmacies had the fastest growth in the antihistamine space, growing their sales by 25% year on year.

For 2022 to date, we’ve seen 8% sales growth in antihistamines, albeit out of season. This points towards continued growth in this space over the coming year.

PLC have several antihistamine lines on offer at present, such as Telfast and Clonmel Antihistamines.

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