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Insights on Menopause Product Growth

Insights on Menopause Product Growth

Menopause Supplements Category

The Menopause category has experienced huge growth in the last two years with a striking increase in public awareness. With the unfortunate shortage of HRT medicines, Menopause has been covered extensively in the media and this in turn has added more public awareness to menopause and opened the discussion even further to alternative supplements that are available to patients.

What does this mean for the community Pharmacist?

The Menopause Category is expected to continue to grow this year and with your help, the community pharmacist can support women in Ireland with their medicinal and supplemental requirements. Here’s what you can do!

  • Join the conversation:

*Today there are 571,000 women in Ireland in the 45-65-year-old menopausal age cohort who are finding their voice, one could argue for the first time in history. The community Pharmacist is in a prime position to listen to their patients and recommend appropriate products. *(CSO, 2016 Census)

  • Understand the needs of your patients:

Some may or may not be taking HRT, they may require alternatives and others may require a supplement alongside their HRT. Be aware of what new products are driving the category growth e.g. Meno Revive Active.   

  • Guide your patients in understanding all the options available in your pharmacy:

The biggest drivers of the category have been Cleanmarine Krill Oil Menomin with a 107% increase. Vitabiotics Menopace Plus saw a 298% increase and Vitabiotics Menopace had a 360% increase.