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Menopause & Perimenopause | Fast Facts for Pharmacists

Menopause & Perimenopause | Fast Facts for Pharmacists

Following their win at the Irish Healthcare Awards in December for Patient Education Project of the Year – Pharmaceutical, United Drug were excited to welcome customers back to their refreshed webinar series for 2023 which rolled out in January.

In March, they were joined by Dr. Caoimhe Hartley, Clinical Lead at The Rotunda Menopause Clinic, Loretta Dignam, CEO & Founder of The Menopause Hub, Laura Dowling, Pharmacist, CEO & Founder of Fabuwellness and Denis O'Driscoll, Superintendent Pharmacist of LloydsPharmacy Ireland to discuss Menopause and Perimenopause, some of the key issues affecting women and how Pharmacists can support women facing these symptoms.

The panel discussion brought insights to pharmacists around the issues affecting women experiencing Menopause and provided them with the tools to assist their patients who present with symptoms of menopause whether it be referral to The Irish Menopause Facebook support Group, the Menopause Health Private Clinic provided by Dr. Caoimhe Hartley or alternative treatments they can discuss with their GP’s.

Dr. Caoimhe Hartley drew on published work by the British Menopause Society which is evidence based, and Pharmacists can refer back to these works for their own learning and guidance on these matters. Loretta Dignam, provided insights into trends within the menopause space, the most common symptoms, and challenges.

Laura Dowling drew on her own experience as a Pharmacist, and what she believes the role of the pharmacist is for menopause patients, plus tips and interventions she recommends to patients.

Discussion points from the night included:

  • Genital Symptoms/ Cause/ Impact
  • Treatments such as HRT
  • How pharmacists can support their patients in pharmacy: advice/ products/ referrals etc
  • Trends
  • Most common symptoms,
  • Types of challenges she hears women having.
  • What the role of the pharmacist is for menopause patients
  • Tips and interventions

CPD Learning

United Drug would like to remind pharmacists that the content and materials from our webinars can be included in your ePortfolio for CPD learning. You are welcome to use the content we provide for your reflective practice to identify new learnings or how you can improve your knowledge, skills, behaviours, or attitudes within the pharmacy.

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