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Pharma Industry Awards COVID-19 Crisis Response Category Winners

Pharma Industry Awards COVID-19 Crisis Response Category Winners

United Drug were delighted to have taken home the award for the COVID-19 Crisis Response category at the Pharma Industry Awards. 

We are extremely proud of our teams and the fantastic work that was done by all United Drug employees. Their tireless efforts ensured that vital medications, vaccines, and services could continue to be provided and maintained to the Irish Public throughout the entire Pandemic.” Paul Reilly, Managing Director of United Drug

This award acknowledges the rapid response to the requirements for the storing, processing, and distribution through supply chain excellence of the Covid19 vaccinations at ultra-low temperatures. The professionalism and the company’s response to the physical demands required were praised by the judges who felt that the complex and challenging task was met with great success but also inspiring teamwork.

This award acknowledges but most importantly gives recognition to the team's personal commitment, tireless efforts, and attention to detail over the past 24 months. Through this, they helped to save lives, and there is no better achievement! Well done to all involved.

If you haven’t had a chance to see our Covid-19 Documentary yet, you can check it out here: 

United Drug was part of an unprecedented time in history. Through a series of intimate interviews with some of the company’s senior leaders, coupled with behind the scenes footage, learn first-hand what it took to set up the operation for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution across Ireland.