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Taking the Stigma Out of Stoma – Hints and Tips on how to engage your ostomy patients.

Taking the Stigma Out of Stoma – Hints and Tips on how to engage your ostomy patients.

We were delighted to host our first Ostomy Webinar of 2022, around Stoma and helping pharmacists to feel comfortable speaking to ostomy patients. The webinar for pharmacists, provided lived experience from a nurse and patient perspective giving pharmacists the tools, like the new Coloplast information booklet, to make it easier to open the conversation.

Lisa Fitzgerald gave useful hints, tips, and guidance on how to best interact with stoma patients when it comes to their health needs at the pharmacy, allowing pharmacists to feel more comfortable having an open ‘chat’ about the patient’s needs.

Kathy explained from her perspective how important the community pharmacist in her care. The community pharmacist can play an important role in providing optimal care for the ostomy patient and to be a support in health and living life to the full in their local community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective ways to have the conversation with your ostomy patients.
  • Correct usage of technical product language for discussions with ostomates.
  • Answering the most common questions retail pharmacies get asked.
  • Enhance your knowledge with additional sources of information.

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