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United Drug Update Customer Support Team

United Drug Update Customer Support Team

At United Drug Wholesale, our goal is to be your long-term partner for your business. We want to support you and help you grow and develop your business so you can provide the best possible patient care across your communities.

To help achieve this, we have decided to restructure our sales and support teams to better serve your needs and help provide a more tailored and personalised offering for you, our valued customers.

We are delighted to announce some new additions to our sales team as well as the new supports and benefits that you can enjoy as a customer of United Drug Wholesale.

Michael Taylor continues in his role as Head of Sales and Retail Solutions and has developed the commercial team structure to continue delivery of outstanding support to customers.

Dedicated Team for Pharmacy Groups

We have developed a dedicated team to look after the Pharmacy Groups, led by Sonya Lynch and supported by Liam Heavey. Both Sonya and Liam have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector which will enable them to support the larger Pharmacy groups and develop United Drug as a strategic partner with head office teams. The new structure provides dedicated support to the larger groups while offering value added services to ensure that group objectives are achieved. The new structure provides our customers with enhanced support by providing a single point of contact for the group. This aligned group approach ensures that support is consistent across the group.

Dedicated team for Independently Owned Businesses

We will improve focus for independent businesses with a restructured experienced Support team. To deliver this we have added a new leadership role which is held by Orlagh Dunne.

Orlagh Dunne is a dedicated relationship and support manager for United Drug and their wholesale independent customers. Having over 7 years extensive experience in the pharmacy industry Orlagh has an abundance of knowledge to help support your business in both retail and wholesale.

In her role, Orlagh leads a team of talented expert professionals, providing guidance, coaching, and mentorship to help achieve their full potential. The team will support the growth of procurement services (Pharmax) and claims management system (ARC) that have been developed by United Drug to support business owners.

She along with her team are passionate about building strong relationships with customers and helping them navigate their pharmacy challenges to achieve their goals. With a focus on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships, Orlagh is committed to delivering value to clients and exceeding their expectations.

Within the Area Support team there are some familiar faces and names including Leonard Manley with over 35 years’ experience who will cover the Central region, Barry Scannell, 35 years’ experience responsible for the South Region and Orla Doyle 15 years’ experience covering the North region.

Dedicated support team for added value services and retail solutions.

We continue to enhance business offerings with our specialised teams. The Pharmax team of Adrian O’Sullivan, Reggie Ismailov and Jo Moloney support the Pharmax buying group resource while Alan Franklin manages & maintains the ARC Claims system.

When speaking of the change in structure and account management Michael Taylor had the following to say “Thank you to all our valued customers for their continued support, we really appreciate it. We are excited about the future and look forward to building long term and meaningful relationships and making a difference to the Irish Pharmacy healthcare sector.”

We aim to keep your business thriving with support that is tailored to both your needs and those of your customers.