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Urology | Intermittent Catheter Usage & Best Practice

Urology | Intermittent Catheter Usage & Best Practice

As part of our added value CPD learning programme, we recently hosted an informative webinar on the topic of Urology – specifically focusing on intermittent catheter usage and best practices for Pharmacists to assist their patients in the community.

Some key points covered on the night were:

  • Catheter use and common challenges faced in pharmacy 
  • ISC products – examples of different types and sizes of catheters 
  • Ancillary products for catheter users
  • Support available to pharmacists 

Hosted by Superintendent Pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy Ireland Denis O’Driscoll, the webinar was designed as a Q&A for Pharmacists to have readily available access to Urology and catheter information they otherwise may not have.

Eve Cullen, a Catheter User and Pharmaceutical Science student, was a panellist on the night. Eve has the unique experience of being both sides of the counter having worked in pharmacy and therefore gave an exclusive insight into giving patient care and using catheter products herself. She gave a particularly good example of how patients might like to receive their treatment products in a discreet manner after purchase. This information is invaluable to Pharmacists looking to improve their patients experience in store.

Eve was joined by Urology Nurse, Anne Daniels, who provided an incredible medical input to the discussion. All Pharmacists in attendance were given the opportunity to ask Anne any questions they may have encountered through assisting catheter patients in their community. She was also able to inform the Pharmacists where they can get further advice and information on Urology and catheter types, codes, brands etc.

Feedback on the webinar confirmed that by the end of the session, the Pharmacists in attendance felt more confident in discussing catheter usage and urology queries from their patients.

All United Drug webinars are held with the patient in mind and aim to equip the Pharmacist to better assist in the community. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in as a fellow Pharmacist, please don’t hesitate to contact us for information on future webinar topics along with access to previous webinar content.

Don’t forget, this and all webinars by United Drug can be considered in your CPD portfolio. All attendees will be issued with a certificate of attendance.

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